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Google: Content Is Not A Critical Ranking Signal

Another interesting question came up on Owdy Chat last week.  The Search Engine Guy said that the content on the page is not as critical for ranking than having an actual functioning  website.  In short, he explained that the search engine can theoretically rank a page without any content, but without a website for them to crawl, it makes it much harder for the search engine to rank.

As most SEOs know, having a website is critical for the search engine to be able to know that the company exists.  But the content can often seal the deal for which keywords the page should rank for.  All that the Search Engine Guy is saying is that not having content won’t prevent the page from ranking, but not having a website will.

At this point I should embed the Owdy Chat so that you can watch it for yourself, but since they don’t offer that functionality for anyone running a machine using anything later than DOS 8.1, I won’t.

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