The Guide to Legendary PokemonGo Spawn Points

Gotta Catch ’em all

Given that the entire staff is wandering around the office with their noses pressed to their phones yelling “I see one!” and “Dammit, it’s another Rattata”, we thought we’d have our Latverian “offshore” team put together a guide to show you exactly where you can find those “gold foil” pokemongo characters.

Use this list wisely, for with the power you’ll have, comes great responsibility…

Pokemon Go Legendary Pokemon Spawn Points

Mewtwo – This legendary beast only spawns at this location: (38.8976951,-77.0387189), between the hours of 2 and 4am on alternateTuesdays

Moltres can be found at (37.232075,-115.8423794) , although you have to find the hidden entrance first (clue: it’s heavily guarded).

Articuno hangs out in this location (64.7537432,-147.438259), every February 29th.

Zapdos spawns here: (40.1458948,-76.7399474) under certain circumstances we can’t reveal, but we will say that the last time Zapdos was seen was March 28th, 1979.

Arcanine can be found here: ( 37.9160831,-85.9584343,17.44)

Heatran can be found at this location: (23.4491357,-110.2277755) and while you can get in any time you like, leaving may be harder than you think.

A fully evolved Gozillaro shows up at (41.316324,128.9551963), although you have to collect several tons of rocks to unlock her

There’s also a secret PokeSpot with lots of rare pokemon. To find it, you just need to scan with your camera at this location




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