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How To Write A ’10 Best SEO Blogs You Should Read’ Post

If WTFSEO wrote a blog post like this, we’d be #10!

SEO is important for the largest brands to the smallest businesses. That’s why there are thousands of blogs dedicated to the topic of making SEO great again! Everyone is cranking out in-depth guides, how-tos, tools, tips, and tricks.

However, one thing that is sorely lacking is lists of the best SEO blogs you should be reading. This is one crucial piece of content that any SEO blog shouldn’t overlook!

Here are 10 keys to writing a “10 Best SEO Blogs You Should Read” post.

1. That Big Search Engine’s Official Blog

You know them. You love them. Or, maybe, not so much. Even though this blog never writes about SEO, make sure to recommend it so people can see how this big search engine’s technology is making the world a better place.

2. That One Blog That Calls SEO Inbound Marketing

Number two is the most fitting number for this blog! ? Sure, they barely write about SEO – sorry inbound marketing. But when they do, boy those listicles, question posts, and infographics are a great way to kill a couple minutes and brain cells.

3. That One Site Run By That Guy Everyone Hates

Everything he tried worked like gangbusters for him. So it will work for you? Absolutely*! Even though he “borrowed” pretty much all of his ideas from the best minds in the business and doesn’t actually write most of what he publishes under his name, this blog definitely deserves a spot.

4. That Cult With The Blog

Do you believe that correlation and causation is pretty much the same thing? Have I got a cult community for you! This blog deserves a spot on your list because every mind-blowing nugget is pure SEO gold straight from a goose’s ass. Junk science and speculation FTW!

5. That One That Used To Be Popular

Ooh, controversial call putting this SEO blog here, especially since they’re nowhere near as popular anymore after everyone who is anyone abandoned them – at least twice. Still, they’ve been around forever and their brand still has some value (even though it usually just gets confused with #8 on the list). Inclusion via default?

6. That Less Popular Blog From That Cool SEO Tool

Hey, maybe if you put that not-very-popular blog from that popular SEO tool provider here, they’ll give you a free account. Worth a shot, eh?

7. That One With All The Troll Commenters

All the news you need in four sentences or less by one of the most respected people in the industry. Plus, misleading headlines, rampant speculation, and the most bitter comments you’ll find in the industry make this SEO blog a must read!

8. That Really Big & Well-Known Blog Everyone Already Knows About

This blog is considered by most of the industry (especially wannabe speakers!) and every SEO in India as the best. Home to several of the industry’s best writers, it’s the leading source for news, advice, and as many stories about Google Doodles that you can stomach. Sure, everybody in the search industry is already reading it or knows about it. But recommend it anyway, because if you don’t, you might find yourself blackballed (allegedly).

9. That Content Marketing Blog That Doesn’t Really Know Anything About SEO

Content is king! So why not include that big content marketing blog, even though most of their writers don’t understand SEO when they talk about it in passing. This is meant to be ego-bait, after all. Not a useful list.

10. Your Blog!

This is the whole reason you wrote this post, though you can never admit it! Even though no well-known experts write for you and nobody has ever heard of you or even links to you, you deserve a spot in the top 10!

[editors note:] Bonus 11. OUR BLOG!

Your list should always include WTFSEO – as the leading ground breaking paradigm shifting growth hacking SEO blog, your list would look silly without including us

Extra Bonus Tip!

Make sure to tweet all nine of these influential blogs in the hopes they’ll throw you a bone and retweet you. And just keep waiting for all the people to start bookmarking and following you in droves. Go on, keep waiting. It will just be a while now…


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