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    Liveblogging Lisa Barone Live Blogging #Pubcon

    Howdy WTFSEOers. We’re back in the sessions today and live blogging our live blog of @LisaBarone as she live blogs #pubcon sessions. We caught up with Lisa lurking in the back of the session prior to the one she is planning on blogging about. She seems to be having a mini panic attack about not […]

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    Anthony Weiner

    10 Foolproof Strategies to Make Content Great Again Also

    Here at WTFSEO we’ve spent the last few months making SEO great again. It’s time now to hang up our giant “Mission Accomplished” banner and move on to the next phase of our grand plan. Like Mr. 9/11 himself and the man who reportedly said he thought the KKK was O-KKK until he found out they […]

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    Photo of the Day: Penguin Update

    We couldn’t find a better photo that perfectly summed up the results of the Google Penguin 4.0 launch. Hat tip: @BruceClayInc for the penguin beach ball from last #Pubcon

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    10 Judge Judyisms for SEOs

    Courtroom firecracker Judge Judy kicked off her 21st season on September 12, giving the 10 million unemployed Americans who watch her each day a reason to get out of bed again. And while Double J is perhaps best known for the Notorious-RBG-like following she has gained while delivering no-nonsense small claims justice in exchange for a cool […]

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    Cargo Shorts

    WTFSEO: Pro Cargo Shorts and Proud

    There’s a joke in Amy Schumer’s new book about pairing knee-length jean shorts with a Tasmanian Devil t-shirt for a trip to an amusement park in the early ‘90s because she “knew what’s up” that hit pretty close to home. I.e., I am grateful the only proof Amy and I have this ensemble in common […]

  • GoogleBot On Tinder

    What If Crawlers Were on Tinder?

    After the success of our last viral piece “What if Crawlers were Trees?”*, we’ve decided to beat the corpse of that particular deceased equine and return to the scene of the crime with yet another “What if Crawlers…” post.  So batten down your hatches, gird your loins, put the kids to bed, rub some…(get on […]

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    Top Reasons We Didn’t Publish A Better Article Today

    Somebody on Facebook was wrong about something – and we had to respond. JigglyPuff isn’t going to catch himself. We started writing a post, but then spent 2 hours as our computer was forcibly upgraded to Windows 10 Mom! Mom! Mommy! Look at Me. MOOOOOOM, Mom you’re not looking. Hey Mom LOOK. MOMMMMMM! [editor’s note: […]

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    Do You Want To Write for WTFSEO?

    At WTFSEO, we are dedicated to making fun of out of date marketing trends, events, and what some think to be news. And one of the ways we do that is by publishing guest articles by people who have more time than sense, and are in the field (the SEO field, not a literal field). […]

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